Our traditional plates start with a base of  potato and onion pierogi, cooked either crispy or classic. This is where tradition ends and innovation begins.


Our dishes are loaded with endless choices of toppings, including smoked brisket, buffalo chicken, wild mushrooms and a variety of cheeses. 


How Many Pierogis Come in an Order?

Our small dishes come with 6 and our large dishes include 10 perfectly cooked pierogis.

Are Your Pierogis Dairy-Free?

Yes! Our pierogi base consists of potatoes, onions and flour.

Is There a Limit to How Many Toppings I Can Add to a Dish?

Never! Our dishes are fully customizable to make sure you can always get the ultimate Loaded Experience.

Can I Pre-Order for Pick-Up?

Most definitely. To pre-order: 1) Select your desired location 2) Chose our "Touch Bistro" platform. 3) Complete your order. 4) Select your optimal pick-up time. 5) Your order has now been successfully placed!

Are Your Pierogis Gluten-Free?

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer any gluten free pierogis.

Is There Nutrtional Information For Your Dishes?

We will be implementing nutritional information guidelines throughout our locations in the near future.


Jazz up your Loaded 

experience with our new poutine and macaroni & cheese bases.  We've got something for every craving.


"The pierogi itself is a triumph of dough and potato-onion filling;tender and silky, hardy but light. It holds its own under the toppings, but absorbs all the high-flavour goodness."

Michele Henry - Toronto Star


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