Loaded Pierogi Supports Ukrainian War Refugees


As the tension and atrocities spread across the Ukraine, the need for aid and funding for refugees is escalating. Loaded Pierogi (https://www.loadedpierogi.com), is a national Canadian fast-food chain founded on delicious and abundant (also termed LOADED) Pierogi dishes.  We are uniquely poised to rally community assistance across Canada to help in these sad and dire circumstances.

With our heritage so firmly embedded in Ukraine and Poland, we want to support this humanitarian cause by raising funds and other material items needed by those affected by the war and their current state of homelessness and despair.

“We are truly unique in how we can enable this across our 11 stores and into their communities” says Bryan Burke, co-founder of Loaded Pierogi.  “Not only do we serve big bowls of incredibly hearty food, but we have BIG HEART for the community and to help do good in any way we can”.


We are proud to partner with the 'Pilgrim Movement' who has been supporting persecuted people, orphans, and the marginalized for over 30 years.

Pilgrim Movement is actively involved in the refugee crisis happening right now in Ukraine. They are focused on mothers, children, and families find a safe passage and refuge from the war, as well as people who are stuck at the border of Ukraine and Romania trying to get back home.

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Loaded Pierogi - Loaded Pierogi is a fast food restaurant with a unique food menu that has turned traditional pierogi, mac n' cheese, and poutine into savoury dishes for Canadians.