3 Methods of Eating a Loaded Bowl and What They Say About You

We'll be the first to tell you there is no wrong way to eat a Loaded bowl! That said, there are definitely 3 main trends--the tried and true--that most people resort to, and we think your go to method says somethin' about ya. So without further ado, here they are:

The Mix Up

This is the grab-bag version of eating, where you take your utensil of choice and start stirring/folding/integrating until you wind up with a unified mess of a dish, where every bite will be a little different depending on what's in the vicinity of your fork-stab. Mixer Uppers are often creatures of chaos that like a little bit of everything in all walks of life; they're risk-takers who are open to all possibilities. We highly recommend applying the mix-up method to mac'n cheese based bowls--engulfing each topping in a cheesy embrace will make every bite the perfect bite.

The Side-Creep

If you spread the toppings to form an even layer, dig in at the left or right-most edge, and work your way across in a linear, sequential manner, you are a side-creeper. Side creepers like to be in the know: they planned it this way so that they are guaranteed the closest thing to the same bite every time. They know exactly how far they've come and exactly how much is left to go at any given moment of their meal. The poutine base is ideal for side-creepers because this method ensures no tasty tidbits get left behind--anyone that fell to the bottom is guaranteed to get spotted, speared, and devoured.

The Knife-and-Fork

The manners class method; knife in the right hand, fork in the left! Knife-and-Forkers are a sophisticated bunch to say the least. They're meticulous in their handling of everything, always seeking the practical route, and eating is no different: each bite must be constructed thoughtfully while considering balance, texture, and flavor. Knife-and-Forkers do well with pierogi bowls--they can slice into pierogies to make a tiny base with the fork, then load each bite individually. Tally ho pip pip!


Let it be known that no one method is better than any other, and that just because you default to a certain style doesn't mean you stick to it exclusively. We think the *best* way to eat is however you want, as long as you Get Loaded!

Know what all three types of eaters have in common? The kinda chops it takes to run their own restaurant. If you're thinking about diving into an entrepreneurial endeavor, check out Loaded's franchise opportunity!

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