6 Reasons to Hop on the Franchise Train

Why work for The Big Cheese when you can just be The Big Cheese? Entrepreneurship doesn't have to be the daunting load of finances and responsibility that everyone makes it out to be!

Allow us to blow your mind, or at least calm it down: you can be your own boss and reap all the benefits that go with it *and* still get clear direction and aid in your business operations. It's called franchising, hellooooo. And here's a buncha reasons to hop on board:

Do something you actually like...

If you're gonna go into business for yourself it should probs be for something you're excited about, but there is no rule that says you've gotta be an expert. If you're passionate about a field you have little professional experience with, franchising can be your in. The whole point is that you're handed a toolkit and an up-and-boogie-ing business model so that you're prepped for success and have the opportunity to learn along the way.

Look at you go, #StudentForLife!

...With people you actually like

Bosses are in charge, and as a francheesey you're still the boss, which means you're in charge of 1) selecting which franchise you wanna partner with, ie your BFF Loaded Pierogi, and 2) hiring people you like.

Franchising is an opportunity to curate a team of people you enjoy and work well with; you're developing a recipe for playing to each others' strengths, so that you can build one another up and help each other grow!

It's easier to get funding

Financing. Funding. Fiscal responsibility.

There are a lot of monetary F words and while they aren't 4 letters, they can cause a similar stress response when it comes to business. Securing finances can be difficult when you're presenting a brand spanking new business model. Give 'em a time tested business model with hella accurate projections like Loaded Pierogi’s, though, and your loan source will probably be whistling a different tune as they settle into the comfort of trustworthy predictions about how your business can soar.