Beef and Beer! 3 Meaty Platters that Pair Perfectly with an Ice Cold Beer

Nothing beats a cold, refreshing beer on a hot, summer day.

Actually, we can do you one better!

Nothing beats a cold, refreshing beer paired with a savoury, cheesy meat-filled Loaded platter! That’s right - platter! Some feel like sharing and some just can’t get enough of our signatures or OGs.

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout! A gi-normous serving of your fave signature dish, on your fave base!

Our beers pair great with so many of our delicious signature platters full of baked chicken, slow-roasted pulled pork, savoury BBQ brisket, and crispy bacon. They are so Loaded, you might even need another beer to chase it all down. Bonus that beers are on for just $4.99*!

Here are some of our favorite meaty meals that enhance the flavor of that ice cold beer.

Porky Pig

Bacon lovers, we got you! Our Porky Pig is loaded with crispy center-cut bacon and topped with freshly-shredded cheddar cheese. Caramelized onions and green onions give this bowl a hint of sweet crunch. Add a dollop of sour cream for that creamy, tangy flavor. Once you dig your fork into this savoury meal, you won’t want to stop.

Gar Par Chicken

Our unique garlic-parmesan sauce is a must-try! Drizzle this decadent sauce over slow-roasted and crispy fried chicken that will rip apart with a plastic fork, and you’ll get both texture and taste. We’ll also throw on some cheese curds, cheddar cheese, and parmesan cheese to enhance the creamy, savory experience.

Ms. Piggy

Slow-roasted pulled pork just screams summer! And at Loaded, we know how to summer! Our hickory-smoked pulled pork is slowly roasted, allowing all the smoky char to seep into the meat. We add zesty Quebec goat cheese and crunchy green onions to the top – giving your taste buds something to remember. Chase it down with a cold beer, close your eyes, and just try to envision a better summer meal. We dare you.

Not a meat lover? That’s okay. Try our Cabbage Patch Kid or grab Baba’s Classic to enjoy all the cheesy, veggie-loaded flavors. We have something for everyone!

Grab $4.99* beers to enjoy with your Signature or Classic Loaded platter (or bowl) today! *Participating locations only.

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