Christmas Movies to Get Loaded to

Offensively short daylight hours + that nip in the air that lowkey chokes you when you step outside + December = ChristmasMovieAndTakeOutNight season! Because movies centering the other December holidays are slim pickins, and you need not celebrate Christmas to enjoy a sentimental yuletide film. So slide into that onesie and onto your couch, friends. While Santa's been making his morally-binary list, we've been compiling our own list of the best Christmas film genres and what to nosh while you watch. Let's dig in!

The Christmas Classics

They're classics for a reason! Doesn't matter how many times you've seen them, these movies are old af and part of the tradition of it all, and like any good classic they will hold up for eternity. This is why any of them would pair perfectly with Loaded's OG, the Baba's Classic (with a pierogi base, of course, to make it the most classic).

Recommended Christmas Classics: White Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, Santa Clause is Comin' to Town

The Christmas Rom Coms

Admit it, you like a good bad, mega-formula-following, sappy Christmas rom-com that can only end with the couple(s) reconciling on Christmas Day. It's the journey not the destination, people, even if the journey is also extra predictable. There is one perfect bowl for this category, and for obvious reasons it's the Get Cheesy. And really get cheesy--mac and cheese base all the way, you're gonna need it.

Recommended Christmas Rom Coms: The Holiday, Love Actually, The Knight Before Christmas

The Christmas Debatables

Shout out to the movies that don't feature Christmas as part of the central theme, but the holiday works its way into them and therefore they count. The classification might be controversial but for the purposes of this list, if there's a scene with a decked out tree, close enough, we consider it a Christmas Movie. In the spirit of this sub-genre, we recommend the Butter Chicken with a poutine base; a lil' cultural mix of flavor profiles to go with your lil' mix of genres!

Recommended Debatable Christmas Movies: Die Hard (action), Edward Scissorhands (cult film), Gremlins (horror)


What are you waiting for? Get in the holiday spirit and order a few bowls of your favorite Loaded film-watching snacks! And don't forget to tell us what your favorite Christmas movie genre is in the comments. May your days be merry, bright, and Loaded.

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