Come to the Dark Side, Pierogi Lovers. We’ve Got Snacks!

Stars Wars fans, unite!

If the title of this blog made you giggle, congrats: you are a true Star Wars geek. But if the “dark side” meme reference went flying over your head faster than the Millennium Falcon (oops…there’s another one. We can’t help ourselves) don’t worry!

Nobody has to join the forces of evil to enjoy all the delicious snacks Loaded Pierogi offers.

And now, our limited time specials are officially part of the menu – yay!

With 5 snack options to choose from, it’s never been a tastier time to #getloaded.

Feeling Hungry? 5 Loaded Pierogi Snacks That Make Yummy Sides or Standalones

Spicy Diablo Chicken Bites


Nothing sets the tongue on fire like breaded white meat chicken tossed in diablo sauce and topped with crispy jalapenos. Plus, customers get siracha dipping sauce with every order.

Texas Chicken Bites

Texas is famous for lots of things: country music, football, good manners, and their unforgettable Texas BBQ sauce, of course! You’re guaranteed to love these crispy chicken breast bites covered in BBQ sauce and sprinkled with onions.

Loaded Bacon and Cheddar Bites

When it comes to getting your snack on, bacon and cheese are always the right decision. Order up a box of breaded broccoli, bacon and cheddar cheese nuggets with roasted poblano pepper and avocado dipping sauce to share with friends.

Or y’know…eat the whole thing by yourself (we won’t judge).

Crispy Cauliflower and Dip

Looking for a vegetarian dish? Savor the crunch of these battered broccoli florets with heavenly garlic and creamy siracha sauce for a delicious veggie-friendly snack.

Loaded Deep Fried Cheesecake

Who said dessert has to come after dinner?

Our Loaded Deep Fried Cheesecake stays true to the Loaded Pierogi name. Drizzled with both caramel and chocolate sauce and topped with Skor crumble & graham cracker crumbs, this snack is a sweet tooth’s dream.

Feeling peckish yet?

Visit the Loaded Pierogi menu today to see our 5 snacks in all their #getloaded glory!

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