Experience Getting Loaded!

So, what's inside a Loaded Pierogi bowl, you ask?

The short answer is…your imagination. Well, not exactly. But there is some truth to that statement. Read on as we unravel this mystery for you!

You see, pierogis are essentially dumplings stuffed with various fillings.

While the dough of a dumpling can be based on bread, flour, or potatoes, the dough of a pierogi is exclusively made of unleavened dough – now what the pierogi is that???

Let us unearth that too. It’s simply dough, lightened, and aerated the old-fashioned way by kneading! So, no added rising agent.

Inside the Heavenly Pierogi

Ingredients of the dough you ask?

Flour and water. Simple enough yeah - but this is where the similarities end between pierogis and a plain ol' dumpling.

Now to the fillings…the real lip-smackingly scrumptious part. The part that makes pierogis the wonder-filled delights that they are!

Pierogis can be filled with anything imaginable (and unimaginable) under the sun – as long as it's ingestible - duh! We recommend avoiding anything that stings, nibbles, or scrapes.

So, that’s what a pierogi is made of. When you decide to GET LOADED, you have the option of getting your pierogis boiled or pan-fried.

Still with us?