Get Ahead to Get Loaded through Online Ordering!

GET LOADED with your favourite signature dish at Loaded Pierogi via online ordering. You might as well get productive while you’re browsing on your device! It’s a super delish way to contemplate what you wanna get loaded with this time.

Where can I order?

With 11 locations (and multiplying!) spanning across the country, we have the food to feed your soul! Locations in Edmonton and Winnipeg are popular pickup spots for online food orders. We also offer online ordering for our foodie friends in many places across Ontario, including Ottawa, Hamilton, and multiple stores in Toronto.

How do I order online?

It’s easy to order online through the Loaded Pierogi Website. Click on the large ORDER NOW button, and you will be redirected to choose a location closest to you where you would like to pick up your order. You can search by address or city to find your local Loaded. This will ensure you’re getting your order at the correct store. Click on “View menu” and you can start browsing all our mouth-watering combinations.

Enjoy the same great food without having to wait in the line at the store. We offer the same great options for bases, including crispy or boiled pierogies, or you can switch things up with our poutine or creamy Mac’n’Cheese. Before you click checkout, add your favorite drinks and snacks and don’t forget that ever-so popular Loaded Deep Fried Cheesecake for dessert! (Yes, we sold out on those for a while!) You’ll also be prompted to enter the number of cutlery you’ll require for your order.

You will be provided with an estimated wait time for your pickup and will be prompted to enter your phone number and other information to arrange the pickup. This is the part where the agony of the wait kicks in!

When you get to the restaurant, simply let them know that you placed an order online for pickup and the crew will gladly retrieve your scrumptious, savoury, always fresh food! This helps minimize the amount of time you spend waiting to enjoy your food. Order it before leaving work, and pick it up on your way home for the perfect dinner.

Now that we’ve talked about the experience, it’s time for you to try out for yourself by ordering online now! See ya there.

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