Holiday Leftovers á la Loaded

We made it through the holidays gang, congratulations! And despite all of the food comas, we're somehow ready to eat again. If you're repeatedly opening your fridge and closing it defeatedly because leftovers are boring, we recommend that you zhuzh them in the spirit of Loaded! The beautiful thing about holiday food is that generally everything complements each other, so pretty much all of it is compatible when piled together in a layered bowl. Here’s the 4-step process:

Step 1: Begin with a Bowl

Bowls are prime Loaded dishes, set deep with higher walls to better contain all the precariously balanced toppings. You could probably get away with a pasta dish, but it's going to limit how high you can top, just FYI. Bowls for the win!

Step 2: Start Loading with Starch

We know you had at *least* one potato dish featured on your holiday table. Roasted, mashed, baked; however they were presented they were definitely present. And now they will serve as a brilliant base for the mountain you're about to build!