Hosting a Holoaday Gathering?

You are? Can we come? We won't stay long, we'll just swing by with a platter or 5 and head out. Because of course we would never invite ourselves, c'mon we're not nuts. However, we do have bomb platters that are all lined up and ready to be your next party favorite. Need more convincing? Here are the top reasons to get your holiday gathering catered with Loaded platters!

It takes the load off ya

You have enough hosting duties as is, why throw cooking on your (*figurative*) plate? Getting a Loaded catering platter--they serve 5-8-- is a simple and effective way to jolly up a mini event (ehem, gathering responsibly!) no matter the time of year, and "take the party to your hood" or whatever the youths are saying these days. It's easy and it's delicious and it's a crowd pleaser, what more could you want?

It's something different

Odds are you're gonna have a ton of turkey throughout the season, so let the other parties you attend do that and get something less expected and less tryptophan-y! Loaded Pierogi is a great option for those who want to shake it up and make new holiday food traditions.

Loaded will balance your alcohol intake

We're nothing if not pragmatic, really. If you're gonna be knockin' back the 'nog and sipping on mulled cider or wine, you're gonna want a stomach liner, and in the morning you're gonna want leftovers. Give yourself the gift of Loaded catering to get you through it!

It's a time saver

Making good food takes time, especially when it's for a bit of a crowd. Trust us, we know, we do it all the time. And while we have all the faith that you are perfectly capable, may we suggest making extra time for yourself to prep, or better yet just chill for a bit, by ordering Loaded!


Ready to get the party started and order up some Loaded Pierogi for your next event? Give us a shout! Study up on our catering menu to start planning. Happy Holoadays!

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