How Carby, Cheesy, Loaded Bowls are Actually Good For You

Comfort food like poutine, mac'n cheese, and pierogis get a really bad rap in the world of wellness, and we think that's unfair!

Healthy isn't the only thing that makes something "good" for you. Because what's good is subjective!

Don't worry we aren't about to argue over semantics, but here are all the ways we think Loaded Pierogi is great for you:

Loaded is Self Care

We know, we know, healthy lifestyle is so in right now. But you know what else is in? Self care. And you know what constitutes as self care? Doing things you like. And what do people like? Food. What kind of food? The comfy kind. The yummy stuff. Like Loaded Pierogi bowls filled with cheese, onions, and tender meat.

Loaded makes your tongue happy

According to a recent survey, 98% of tongues reported increased feelings of happiness, delight, and satisfaction after eating a Loaded Pierogi bowl.

Loaded also helps prevent and treat serious hanger!

Based on professional recommendations, people who don't like food should still Get Loaded.* For real though, our bowls are loaded with carefully harmonized flavours and textures that always elicit an "mmmmmm."

A happy tongue leads to a happy tummy which makes for a happy you!

Loaded sparks joy