How it Started—>How it’s Going: Franchising with a First to Market Concept

How it started:

Chefs Adam Dolley and Bryan Burke are like any pair of friends that got loaded and came up with their next great business idea. Only where most of us let it fade with our hangovers, they committed to it, fleshed it out, and launched it.

Many brews and a fridge full of limited meal options lead the friends to get creative with some frozen pierogis, and the brand new business idea was born. (Let's just leave out the word frozen to it's not associated to when people think of loaded pierogi).

As the first-to market-concept of piling pierogis with a bunch of unique flavor profiles, Loaded Pierogi made a strong impression on Toronto diners when it launched in 2014. People had never had anything like our Loaded Bowls, and they loved every bite.

By packing this new way of experiencing/devouring pierogis with excellent service and good vibes to boot, we started establishing some solid customer loyalty, which lead to excellent brand loyalty.

Our brand loyalty was so good, in fact, that it was our own customers who requested a franchise opportunity. They saw the chance to come in early on a new and exciting concept with tons of room for growth, guided by an established brand that's the first of its kind.

How it's going:

There are currently 10 Loaded Pierogi locations across Canada with another 8 franchises slated to open in 2022. Partners can choose to build out a licensed restaurant, open quick service restaurant, or open a food court location.

We're still in the early stages of expansion, and we still have the market advantage of being The First to load.

And so we keep innovating—in 2020 we honed in on the heart of the Loaded concept to (literally) cook up two new canvases for our toppings: poutine and mac'n cheese. We continue spreading the love and Loaded li