Incredible Immune Boosting Facts About Potatoes

When you think of “healthy vegetables” what comes to mind?

Everyone immediately pictures leafy green broccoli or stinky garlic cloves. Maybe even some raw carrots and crunchy kale. But what most people forget about is…the humble potato!

Yup. Believe it or not, potatoes are full of health benefits.

Stuffed with potato and onion, our pierogis aren’t just a yummy snack – they also contain members of an elite immune boosting squad – the potato!

What’s so special about spuds?

There’s a lot to love about potatoes.

For one thing, they are a key ingredient necessary in the making of Loaded Pierogies (duh!)

In addition, potatoes are special because of their versatile nature. Potatoes are easy to grow. They take approximately 80-100 days to reach full size. Best of all, they can be grown pretty much anywhere there is soil, making them a worldwide crop. Got dirt? Water? How about a container, pot, or bag? That’s all it takes to grow an army of edible potatoes.

Potatoes also play an important role in ending world hunger. Alongside rice and wheat, potatoes feed millions of people every day.

Special little spuds, indeed!

“Get Loaded” on nutrients and vitamins

Now, this blog is all about immune boosting. So, let’s put on o