Keep Your Kitchen Locked'n Loaded with 3 Basic Grocery Essentials

Everyone has their own, personal set of food necessities--a group of grocery store goods that are always either stocked in the kitchen or on the list. Maybe they're ingredients you use super frequently, maybe it's the safety-net items you could combine in your sleep to make a lazy meal when you don't have the brain-power to even order in, maybe it's both. Whatever your consumable crew is, we commend you! And we'd like to offer up ours, because sharing is caring.

1. Green Onions

Green onions, spring onions, scallions. These layer-loaded shoots go by several names, which is fitting since they're mega versatile—their mild, sweet-bitter onion flavor is an accent and an elevator, plus they're pretty. In case you haven't noticed we grace the tops of all our Signature Bowls with green onions, because, simply put, they bring more depth of flavor and color to whatever dish they're used in. They're like the supporting role that makes the star a star!

2. Cheese

We won't go so far as to say every meal can be made better with cheese, but like.....cheese is an exceedingly effective elevator whether it's the main event, a la mac and cheese, or more of a feature—think parmesan on pasta, or feta in a salad. It's wisest to have some shredded cheese, sliced cheese, and crumbled cheese readily available at all times. Load up!

3. Potatoes

Hello, adaptability! Potatoes are a real MVP in the food world--they make fries and fill pierogis, they mash well, bake well, blend well, bind well. They play well with others, figuratively when they combine with other flavors and textures but also literally as Mr. and Mrs. Potatoehead. Potatoes in all their starchy glory can act as leader, follower, supporter, carrier, load-bearer, and they're easy to work with, to boot. A potato-filled pantry is a well-loaded pantry.


So there you have it, our grocery list essentials–-bring them home to cook up something tasty on your own, but first Get Loaded for inspo! And since we're a curious crowd, let us know your kitchen must-haves in the comments.

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