Let Them Eat…Cheesecake? Exciting New Menu Item is Here to Stay

Great news, pierogi people!

You asked (and ate) and we listened (and got cookin’). Due to popular demand, Loaded Pierogi is delighted to announce that our Loaded Deep Fried Cheesecake is now officially a permanent part of the #getloaded menu.

Wait. Hold on a second. Say that again?

Yes, you heard us correctly! Once available for a limited time only, the Deep Fried Cheesecake is here to stay foreverrrrr.

Never tried this decadent deep fried snack before? Let us offer an ingredient breakdown of all the chocolatey, crumbly, sweet and sticky treats you’ve been missing.

What’s Inside the Loaded Deep Fried Cheesecake? A Delicious Breakdown

Crispy wrapped cheesecake

Marie Antoinette had the wrong idea when she famously said, “Let them eat cake.”

Luckily, the only revolution happening at Loaded Pierogi is with our snack menu! Each order begins with cheesecake that is deep friend until a rich golden color for that perfect soft bite.

Caramel drizzle

Second comes the drizzling. Liquid caramel is generously poured over the cheesecake pieces, adding a sugary kick.

Chocolate sauce

Speaking of sweetness, no cheesecake is complete without chocolate. Warm fudgy chocolate sauce is an essential part of what makes each Loaded Deep Fried Cheesecake so irresistible.

Skor crumble & graham cracker crumbs

Score! Or should we say…Skor?

The final two ingredients required for this tasty treat are graham cracker crumbs and Skor crumble. Sprinkled over the cheesecake, these add texture to our already luscious snack.

So, the next time you #getloaded, why not add Loaded Deep Fried Cheesecake to your order?

Now that it’s officially part of the menu, this makes a great post (or pre) pierogi snack!

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