Load Up and Pay it Forward

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Philosophical post! Because who better to chat ideology than a buncha pierogi peddlers? Don’t answer that, it was rhetorical.

Real talk though, we take a lot of pride in our ethos: get a person loaded, they’re loaded for a day. Teach a person to load, they’re loaded for life.

And also, like. Have fun with it.

What we mean is we strive to pay it forward, serving our community loads of comfort food and fostering the professional growth of our staff and partners. And trust us, we have a lot of fun with both.

Always have, actually. We’ll save the detailed version for another day, but the Loaded origin story begins with a chef and his apprentice, who became friends, who became business partners. Their concept was born on a guys weekend in a cabin getting quite loaded, and spoiler alert: they put in the effort and supported one another to get to where they are today.

Allow us to expand on our expansion—currently there are 10 Loaded Pierogi locations across Canada, and that number is slated to double within the next 6 months.