Loaded Pierogi: Anytime, Anywhere, with Anyone

Picture this: it’s late. You and your good buddies are stumbling home from a fun (ahem – wild) night out.

Suddenly, someone’s stomach growls. Then another follows. Soon, everybody is hungry enough to eat a hippo and you’re all brainstorming where to grab some late- night grub.

But what’s open at this hour?

Fear not, famished friends! Loaded Pierogi has your bellies covered.

Around the Clock Taste

As the creators of Loaded Pierogi, we know what it’s like to crave a late-night snack after a drink...or two...or five. Nothing sucks more than walking around on an empty stomach. You gotta’ eat something, ASAP.

Restaurants closed?

Don’t feel like drive thru?

Why not order one of our 13 customizable pierogi bowls?

We make it easy. All of the Loaded Pierogi locations are open past 5:00 PM.

Even more awesome? You can order ahead and online!

So, feel free to Get Loaded (on pierogis, that is!) anytime.

Less Messy than Wings, More Delicious than Pizza

In addition to being open late, Loaded Pierogi is also a waaaay better choice than wings or pizza when it comes to midnight munchies, because you can eat them anywhere!

Let’s face it, chicken wing sauce is sticky. Pizza can be greasy. But with Loaded Pierogis, each meal is prepared in a mess free bowl. Caramelized onions, cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, smoky pulled pork, and house made sauerkraut are just five of many droolworthy topping options.

Each dish is piled sky-high with your favourite ingredients. Add a fork and you’re good to go!