Loaded Pierogi: Feeding the Multitudes

However you prepare your pierogies at home, our tasty morsels taste like they’ve descended from Heaven! Made perfect every time, Loaded Pierogi dishes will have you singing the praises of tradition and culture, and giving thanks to our creator. No, not that one. But stick with us!

Founded in steep lore, with the facts lost somewhere in the time, thirteenth-century Polish priest Saint Hyacinth is credited for creating this perfect doughy delicacy that we know as the blessed pierogi!

Whether healing the sick or building the church, Saint Hyacinth is said to have fed multitudes with his pierogies making them, really, a religious experience! Because of his dedication to the pierogi and helping people everywhere he traveled, Saint Hyacinth was eventually canonized and declared the Patron Saint of Pierogies.

Thanks to Saint Hyacinth, the culture and food landscape was changed forever! From our mouthwatering Bacon, Sauerkraut, & “Oh Yeah” Bacon pierogies to our delectable Porky Pig pierogis, Loaded Pierogi dishes will have you coming back for more.

Craving a sweet dish to savour after your pierogi indulgence? We’ve got you covered! Loaded Deep Fried Cheesecake drizzled with caramel and chocolate sauce, topped with Skor crumble and graham cracker crumbs. I can hear your mouth watering already!

Oh, before you go, not only is Saint Hyacinth the patron saint of pierogies, but he is also the patron saint of Poland, Lithuania, weightlifters, and those at risk of drowning.

There you go. That gives you something to ponder over your next dish of Gar Par Chicken Pierogies!

Hungry yet? Order now!

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Loaded Pierogi - Loaded Pierogi is a fast food restaurant with a unique food menu that has turned traditional pierogi, mac n' cheese, and poutine into savoury dishes for Canadians.