Loadtoberfest: 3 Brilliant Brew-Bowl Combos

Guten Tag, buddies! What's spookier than a moose dressed as a ghost? How about a horrifying clash in flavors because somebody—we’re not pointing any fingers—got Loaded and beer without stopping to consider how to pair them.

Fear not, friends! In honor of Oktoberfest we've selected 3 classic fall brews that would go great with pretty much any of our bowls, but we've got some specific recommendations for ya.


Yep, that's right. This beer is the style that launched Oktoberfest (Google it!), so the names have become synonymous. It's a crisp amber lager with caramely malt and clear, balanced hops, and it goes wunderbar with grilled things, fried things, and cheese. Which is why it matches perfectly with our Bacon, Sauerkraut & Oh Yeah Bacon bowl. Ya got your salty bacon (crispy, and centre cut double smoked), ya got your tart sauerkraut (a German staple!), and ya got your creamy cheddar cheese.

No matter your base, that killer combo is going to blend b-e-a-utifully with the malty, hoppy märzen.


Time to get dark. Relax, it's only in terms of beer. Dunkels are malt-forward dark lagers teetering perfectly on the edges of chocolate, bread crust, and caramel. They're not as sweet as they sound because Germans are forward thinkers and big on pairing beer with food (especially meat). A baller bowl pairing is the BBQ Brisket—a dunkel will bring out the sweet and savory flavors of the tender, slow roasted meat, and those rich little balls of fried delight we know as cheese curds will meld perfectly with the gently sweet & roasted flavors of the beer.

Talk about a slam dunkel.

Pumpkin Ale

Look there's an unspoken understanding that when talking about fall flavors, pumpkin has to be in the mix. Plus pumpkin beers are legit delish. The squash can be squished into most styles of beer so this is a diverse one, but that fundamental sweet/earthy/pumpkiny flavor truly slaps when it's paired with with like-minded hearty-cozy flavors. Our top pumpkin ale pick is the Wild Mushroom & Truffle bowl; the herbed mix of portobello, oyster, cremini & button mushrooms give an earthy and meaty savory launching point while the goat cheese's tart balances with the ale's sweet, and everyone gets a special boost with the rich flavor of truffle oil.


If you really wanna embrace every aspect of the season, Get Loaded however you like! These tasty suggestions aren't just for accuracy, they're for inspiration. And if you’re interested in spending all four seasons with Loaded check out our franchise opportunity!

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