Mac and Cheese Around the World

Mac and cheese is, understandably, a dish enjoyed globally. And we do mean global-- there are a lot of variations on the dish, and while we're biased towards the Canadian way, we have to admit these other ones don't look half bad. Like. Put it in front of our faces with a fork and we'd take a stab, just sayin. Anyway you don't have to believe us, read for yourselves and get a touch more cultured--we've even noted which Signature Bowls (with a mac base, of course) come closest so you can satisfy the impending hankering!

Makaronilaatikko: Finnish Mac and Cheese

The Finnish version of mac and cheese, "makaronilaatikko" literally translates to "macaroni pot." Makaronilaatikko is made with cheese (duh), onion, and ground beef, usually with some eggs and milk tossed in to make it extra thicc. Oh, and the Finns like to drizzle ketchup on the final product.

Makaronilaatikko a la Loaded: BBQ Brisket Bowl, but swap the BBQ sauce on top for ketchup.