Match Your Food to Your Mood

We've all been the person who, come mealtime, can't decide what we're "in the mood for." It's the worst, but perhaps it can be remedied by reframing the way you look at it: instead of putting the onus of food picking on the mood of the food, you should just pick the food that will match your mood.

And in case that's a little much for ya, here are some scrumptious suggestions.

When you're happy:

The warm kind, with a simultaneously complex yet familiar flavour profile that'll keep those endorphins coming. Mushrooms and beans are two foods scientifically proven to make you happier. And in our experience, bacon should go on that list, too.

Get Loaded and get happy with the Porky Pig Bowl and/or the Wild Mushroom & Truffle Bowl!

When you're comfy:

It's widely acknowledged that THE food equivalent of a day spent curled up in a pile of blankets on the couch is mac'n cheese. It's warm. It's creamy. It's gooey. It sticks together in what feels like a co-insulating community of noodles. And, y'know, it's delicious.

An alternative and equally acceptable answer to the curly couch cuisine conundrum is anything your grandma would ever make you.

So load up on comfort with the Baba's Classic Bowl--get the mac'n cheese base, obviously.

When you're lazy:

We are all entitled to some lazy times, and when you're in those times you want something awesome and filling that doesn't take a lot of effort. And few things are easier to eat than a bowl of old faithfuls--the most classic combos--prepared by someone who isn't you.