Mmmmm, Beer!

Updated: Aug 1

Brisket, Bacon and Beer. Mmmm! Summer turns our mood to all things indulgent. Sunshine and warm temperatures bring joy and spontaneity to every day. And today, I slammed down a poem just for you.

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Poems are hard,

Order a beer for just $4.99!

Beer for less than $5? Yup! Loaded Pierogi now offers great smooth beer for just $4.99, the perfect beverage to order up alongside our Bacon, Sauerkraut & “Oh Yeah” Bacon dish. Since pork and sauerkraut is a Germanic combination, Loaded Pierogi beer makes a natural pairing. Savour the flavour of centre-cut and double smoked crispy bacon, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese, green onions, and house-made sauerkraut washed down with a cold beer. You can have that today at your closest Loaded Pierogi.

Not feeling the pangs of love for bacon and sauerkraut? Weird. But don’t give up hope of finding true love and a partner for your $4.99 beer! Try our mouthwatering BBQ Brisket with caramelized onions, cheese curds, crispy onions, and smoky BBQ sauce - it’s waiting for your love and admiration. What better way to express your new love for beer and brisket than with another love poem.

Dogs are better,

But I had a cat named Triscuit,

Order your $4.99 beer today,

With a side of BBQ Brisket.

Fall in love today with any of our savoury dishes at Loaded Pierogi and create your perfect poetry pairing with a beer for just $4.99. We can’t wait to see you soon at Loaded Pierogi!

See our full menu and find your summer love today!

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