Movie Night! 3 Classic Genres that Pair Perfectly with 3 Loaded Signature Bowls

Snuggle up, buttercup! You're gonna be able to kick back and relax long before the show starts on your next movie night, because we're about to give you a game plan to work off of. 3 bowls. 3 genres. 3 flick rec's each but, y'know, you do you.

Genre #1 - Sports Movies

The Bowl: Buffalo Chicken with a pierogi base

The Reason: Show us a more iconic food/viewing combo than buffalo chicken and anything sports related, we'll wait. Okay we're done waiting. With all the high stakes and rivalries, viewing sports movies can be akin to following an actual game (which also pairs perfectly with this dish, ofc). You're bound to get hungry watching all those actors pretend to burn all those calories and you're gonna want something hearty, salty, and satisfying to get you through it. Enter the Buffalo Chicken signature bowl! A pierogi foundation is a great way to change up the experience from a typical sporting event if you don't want the usual wing. (Get it?)

Suggested Movies: Goon, Remember the Titans, A League of Their Own

Genre #2 - Foodie Movies

The Bowl: The Smoking Pig Roast on a poutine base.

The Reason: Pretty much any foodie movie is probably gonna put you in the mood to eat, and a lot of them tend to have at least one mouth watering close up of a knife cutting into a melt-off-the-bone, slow-cooked meats. See where we're going with this? You're gonna see some, you're gonna want some, and we're ready for ya with the Smoking Pig Roast on a poutine base for a twist on the classic meat and potatoes.

Suggested Movies: Chef, Eat Pray Love, Ratatoullie