Spotlight: Up Close and Personal with our Vegetarian Bowls

Shoutout to the non-meat eaters, because they force all of us to diversify our palettes! People who poke fun at vegetarians usually know not of what they speak--they've never been handed a bowlful of the good stuff. So to set the record straight, Loaded Pierogi is here with three bowls that'll make anyone say "meat who?" (even if only temporarily), and we're about to unpack them in a way that'll make even the most diehard carnivore's mouth water.

The Get Cheesy

Let's ease in with some cheesin'! Cheese, as you're probably aware, is delicious with most foods. Especially other cheese. Loaded with 4 types of aged dairy--creamy cheddar sauce, cheese curds, shredded habañero cheddar, and crumbled goat cheese -- and balanced strategically with some sweet from the caramelized onions and green onions, this bowl is probably the most hardcore of our vegetarian options; it's definitely not for the faint of heart, and it is certainly not for vegans. Sorry vegans. If you want to be the **hardest core** you can order the Get Cheesy with a mac'n cheese base, you wild thing.

The Cabbage Patch Kid

Yeah we got cute with the name, but this bowl is actually rather sophisticated. Trendy, tasty, crispy fried Brussels sprouts co-mingling with tart sun-dried tomatoes, as caramelized onions whisper sweet nothings in their weird little vegetable ears, all while being serenaded by creamy ranch dressing accompanied by green onions? That's a ball you absolutely want to be the bell of, esteemed guest. Pinkies up.

The Wild Mushroom & Truffle

And finally, a little something to ground you. It's earthy with a solid dose of umami to satisfy those taste buds, and a variety of textures that'll please your chompers, too. We're talking, of course, about 'shrooms! This bowl contains a gourmet mix of nature's next closest thing to meat (like actually, genetically speaking)--ya got your rich portobellos, your delicate & complex oysters, your somewhat milder but still affluent creminis, and, of course, your reliable buttons. Then there's the supporting cast of herbs, cheese, and onions, and the whole crew gets doused in **white truffle oil** What? Did we dare? We sure did!


What're you still doing here? We can already hear your stomach growling, go Get Loaded!

And if you wanna get next level Loaded, check out our franchise opportunity!

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