The Loaded Life: Autumn

Over the years, Loaded Pierogi’s menu offerings have expanded, but the concept remains the same: choose a delicious base, and then load it up with delicious toppings. At its heart, the concept is really pick a foundation, and build on it with more things you love!

Which makes it mega-transferable, which means Loaded is a lifestyle! Awww yeah.

If you don’t believe us, here are a few creative activities to Load Up this fall.

Pack on the Pillows

Autumn is a time to cozy up and bear down. If you've somehow not yet experienced a pile o'pillows, you are in for a real treat!

Start with a base of bed, couch, or the floor of your blanket fort. Now go through your home and find only the comfiest pillows—we recommend avoiding the decorative ones, they're never snuggly. Add a couple blankets for good measure. Now you've made yourself a nice den in which to veg out to your heart's content, you'll need a snack.

For cushion dining we recommend the any of our bowls with a mac and cheese base.

Fill Up On Fall Leaves

If it's October and you're not enjoying the crunch of a dried up leaf beneath your footstep, do you even know how to autumn?

Leaf piles are a naturally occurring loaded concept and real easy to achieve. You're gonna wanna start with a base of leaves, and then you just add more leaves. Yep, keep 'em coming. More. MORE!

Now jump, laugh, pick leaves from hair and jacket, and repeat.

You probably worked up an appetite, go treat yourself to Loaded Pierogi! The poutine base is extra hearty, it’s the perfect way to fill up after all that physical activity!