The Poutine Progression

Updated: Jan 27

Gather round, everyone, gather round! We're going to tell the tale of Poutine and its journey through Canadian history and into its iconic position as the national dish of Canada, as well as our hearts, our mouths, and our stomachs.

The Original Version

Strap in, the story of the first poutine begins with --gasp--a controversy! "Poutine" is Quebecois slang for "mess," after all, so maybe it wasn't the dish they were talking about.

2 stories have emerged and they're awfully similar, both set in the 1950s in rural Quebec, home of many a curd-producing dairy operation.

La Lutin Qui Rit in Warwick and Le Roy Jucep in Drummondville both claim their customers were *the first* to say "yo can we get some squeaky cheese and gravy up on these fries plz and thx u," or something to that effect. In any event each owner honored their clientele's wishes, and poutine was born! And both restaurants still dub themselves the OG Chefs de Poutine today.

The Fancy Schmancy Version

Poutine didn't go viral immediately though, she had to build up her brand first. After years spent as a street food and, eventually, a fast food offering in the 80s, the dish got its big break in 2002 when some establishments started topping it with bougie ingredients like foie gras and lobster. Ooh la la!

From there the general concept snowballed until there were eventually whole poutineries dedicated to the dish, serving a bunch of creative variations of the original base of fries, curds, and gravy.

The Loaded Version

And then there was Loaded! Our origins lie in piling pierogis with beef and pork and chicken and brussels sprouts and mushrooms and cheese curds and cheese sauce and--okay you get the idea.

We went hard.

And then we went "hey this would all be equally awesome on poutine," and we went even harder.

Feeling non-committal about ordering South Asain food? Boom, Butter Chicken with a poutine base. Wanna get starchy and shroomy? Get the Wild Truffle & Mushroom as your 'tine topper. Obsessed with bacon? The Bacon, Sauerkraut & "Oh Yeah" Bacon should bacon up your poutine baconly--sorry got distracted, we mean perfectly.


If Canadians know one thing, it's that poutine is the perfect comfort food and, as such, it deserves to be loaded with all of the best stuff. So we went ahead and did just that. Come and Get Loaded with your favorite take on our culinary national treasure.

And if you've ever thought "I myself would love to be a purveyor of fine poutine and more" be sure to check out our franchise opportunity!

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