The Right (and Wrong) Way to Eat a Pierogi

Updated: May 31

Hold onto your hats, Loaded Pierogi pals. This is about to get controversial…

Let us pose a question to the foodie community, “Is there a right way or wrong way to eat a pierogi?”

Turns out, yes!

As gourmet pierogi chefs ourselves, the folks here at Loaded Pierogi are absolutely, entirely, totally, 100% convinced that to truly enjoy a pierogi, you must eat it the correct way. Eating pierogis the wrong way robs us of the divine pierogi eating experience – oh, the tragedy.

So, today on the Loaded Pierogi blog, let’s learn the right and wrong ways to gobble down a delicious bowl of our 15+ menu items. With new ones being added all the time (like honey siracha chicken) there’s so much to try!

3 Wrong Ways

First, this is how NOT to eat pierogis.

Plain and with No Toppings. What to do Instead? Load Up with Delicious Extras

There is nothing sadder than a plain pierogi. In fact, a pierogi that is just dough and potatoes looks…well…sort of naked, doesn’t it?

The best way to dress up a pierogi bowl? #getloaded!

Our dishes are fully customizable. Plus, there is never a limit to how many toppings you can add to a dish. From caramelized onions, sour cream, crispy jalapenos, cheese, avocado, bacon, and tons more, dress up your pierogis for the ultimate droolworthy eating experience.

Too Fast. What to do Instead? Savor Each Bite

Next, it’s wrong to eat a pierogi too quickly. Of course, hungry people can’t be blamed for wanting to fill their tummies with yummy pierogis ASAP. But we recommend slowing down.

Enjoy the taste of every crispy fried Brussel sprout and flavorful dish, like Buffalo Chicken.

Cold. What to do Instead? Choose Warm Cheese, Gravy, and Smoked Meat

Lastly, we beg you (please!) never eat a cold pierogi.

Pierogis are meant to be eaten warm. Whether boiled, fried, baked, or grilled, pierogis taste best when hot, especially if your dish comes with gooey cheddar cheese sauce or gravy.

Looking for something with a smoky kick? Smoking Pig Roast is a BBQ pulled pork lover’s dream.

There you have it.

Never get caught eating a pierogi the wrong way again!

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