Ukraine Still Needs Help - Here’s How You Can Make A Difference With Your Next Pierogi Meal

Why Are We Supporting Ukraine? 🇺🇦

Well, apart from the fact that we truly believe in the cause, the roots of our brand are actually strongly tied in with Ukrainian & Polish culture. Pierogies you see, actually originate in their simplest form in Poland, way back in the 13th century, and rose to popularity as a family food designed to ensure survival in a post WW2 Europe.

They’re one of the most recognizable Polish foods. “Pierogi” originates from the word “Pieróg”, a generic term for filled dumplings.

These half circular dumplings are Poland’s national dish and are made from unleavened dough and stuffed with a variety of fillings from mashed potatoes to sauerkraut and everything in between - they can be anything from sweet to spicy.

After the first wave of Pierogi's came in 1931 by Ukrainian-Canadian immigrants, we thought it was only right to repay Ukrainians and help their cause by going full force on giving back in any way we can, and encourage our Loaded Pierogi lovers to do the same!

How YOU Can Help 💸

#1 - In-Store Donations 💶

All of our Loaded Pierogi locations have been equipped to take in donations of any amount, and transfer them to support homeless Ukrainians fleeing the war. All donations of $1, $2, or $5 will be marked with a pierogi badge added to our wall.

#2 - Try the NEW Loaded Double Sausage & Cheddar Bowl 🥙

Want an effortless way to help if you’re low on cash? Well, next time you eat at Loaded Pierogi, make sure to order our new menu item, the Loaded Double Sausage & Cheddar bowl. $1 from each delicious sale will go toward the Pilgrim Movement!

#3 - Learn More About The Pilgrim Movement 👨‍👩‍👧

Third, check out The Pilgrim Movement website! We’ve partnered with this organization in a joint effort to help mothers, children, and families find a safe passage to sanctuary countries in Europe.

The Pilgrim Movement has been supporting persecuted people, orphans, and the marginalized for over 30 years, and with millions crossing the border daily, this trusted group brings faith and safety to the refugees who need it most.

We appreciate your support! Every little bit helps. As our Co-Founder Adam Dolley said - “Spread the word. Tell every connection that you have. Find a Loaded Pierogi store near you and donate. There is no time like the present to think outside of our own world and to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Give Generously.”

Remember - someone can’t do everything, but everyone can do something!

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