When the craving hits, we’re here for you!

You’re out and about, running errands, filling time between appointments, waiting for dance practice to be over when, without warning, it hits you. The pangs of desire. The deep longing. The yearning. You know the feeling. Your stomach is lonely, empty, and craving.

Who can you run to? Who can you lean on? I think Canadian legend, Bryan Adams had it right when he sang, “I'm gonna run to you, I'm gonna run to you, 'Cause when the feelin's right I'm gonna run all night, I'm gonna run to you.”

Oh? You think it’s a love song? Ya, it is! To the pierogi!

Don’t believe me? You will.

She's got a heart of gold, (golden brown pierogies)

She'd never let me down (never a let down)

But you're the one that always turns me on (this feels a bit awkward, but, you know, foodie)

You keep me comin' 'round (back for more pierogies)

I know her love is true (pierogies never disappoint)

Told ya so.

Now, whether you’re in Alberta’s capital, Manitoba’s capital, or almost anywhere in Ontario, when the feelin’s right, remember the immortal words of Bryan Adams and run to a local Loaded Pierogi to #getLoaded. For a full list of craving-killer locations, check us out here.

Maybe you’re a bit like U2 and still haven’t found what you’re looking for! Loaded Pierogi is always looking for like-minded people with a drive to build community and develop the first Loaded Pierogi in your town. Learn more about this awesome opportunity!

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